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An Overview

India has excellent capability to produce more vegetables and fruits. Currently India's vegetable and fruit export is quite a limited, but there is a wide scope for diversifying and expanding its export markets. The demand for vegetables and Food Transportation Services, Refrigerated Transport Services, Cold Storage Vehicle Hire Service is increasing in the global markets, especially in the neighboring countries. Roads are generally good, but transportation takes nonetheless long due to long waiting times at the borders. Fresh produce is sensitive and needs to be refrigerated to remain fresh and quality intact during such long transportation times. Refrigerated container transport offers possibilities to make use of optimum potentials to export more fruits and vegetables which enter the market in good quality.

Besides, increasing consumption of food items and beverages across India has also triggered the growth of Refrigerated Transport Services. The transportation of goods from warehouses to retail stores, home deliveries, refrigerated transport services, dairy products, and transportation of cut flowers across the country are all carried out with the help of refrigerated vehicles. The improving economic conditions and marked changes in consumption pattern has in turn, propelled the growth of the refrigerated transportation market.

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